Orhaniye is a very self sufficient village and much is taken from the land. The climate is the same as that of California and therefore anything that can be grown there, can be grown in Orhaniye. In winter the largest production is that of oranges and tangerines; in summer everything from lettuce to potatoes to apricots also peanut is grown and sold. All year round oil production is prevalent. Many different types of oil are produced including thyme, sage and bay leaf oil. However, the main one is olive oil. Nowadays the oil is extracted by large machines based in Datca. Previously, the olives were cooked in a large open oven and then put in bags with water. The water was left to drain out and when the oil rose to the top it was scooped out and bottled. In spring time honey-making starts and across Orhaniye one can see many blue boxes which are actually man-made bee hives. The bee hives are put near pollen to encourage reproduction. When spring is over the bee hives are moved to another warm place (for example Konya or Ankara) with new flowers and pollen. The honey is finally collected in autumn, put in jars and sold. In a good year about 25-30 kilos of honey can be produced from one box! The honey and oil can be found for sale in the Erol Motel.